The machine is an indifferent virgin who has no knowledge of the world. It is this impartial purity that positions the machine as an oracle. The oracle machine is chased by celibates who want to see its interior, have a glimpse at the place from which the prophecy comes out. But the only thing they will get is dust. The dust of their own excrement.

The machine has no responsibility since it only transmits the decrees of God, the laws which ordonate the world’s future. The oracle is only a vector of divine information. Its role ? Answer questions that other machines can’t even imagine. The greatest among all is a choice. The machine has to make up its mind on stopping the world’s navigation. The men repeat, shout, tap on the machine to find out. When is the world going to end? Because, soon, it will end: exitus reditus.

All of this must have an end since we have an end. It has to … All of this mess has to lead somewhere. It is always safer for our inner minds to think that the world will soon collapse with us … rather than imagine this planet going on forever without humans.

We are in the middle of oracles conflict. The oracles may predict improbable things, the interpreters read in these riddles only one prediction: we will soon be called back to imaginary chaos and, we listen to them but we don’t yet know whether we are in the role of Jonah or of ‘Oedipus.