Protozoa is a polymorphous project, a place of encounter between dance, music, writing, video and computer science through the production of six short dance films. The Protozoa journey starts with the connection between choreographers- performers and composers-performers. 

Through a game of chance, each choreographer-dancer receives one of the carefully crafted musical creations and scores’ designs, on which they compose their bodywork. These performances are then captured and reworked to allow artificial intelligence to enter the stage.

Protozoa’s perspective is the meeting of teams and artists, the production of six qualitative videos and an enriching creative process for each of us. It is a project destined to be distributed free of charge to everyone and also to be presented. This project was initiated by the Soñal Sinor company, which is responsible for the artistic direction of the dance performances, in tandem with the philosophical studio u2p050, in charge of the musical artistic direction. The two structures are linked in the production of the six films and in the installation that will follow.